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2021-2022 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University 
2021-2022 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

First-Year Advising Guide - Bachelor of Interior Design

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts at Mount Royal University!

Congratulations on your admission to the Bachelor of Interior Design! The Bachelor of Interior Design will enable you to create effective spaces that profoundly influence the quality of people’s lives. With an undergraduate degree, you can also pursue graduate studies in interior design, architecture, landscape architecture or environmental design, to name only a few.

To assist with your course registration, below are the recommended first-year courses for your program. All the information on this page is important, so please continue to read the full guide for more information on each topic. 

The Bachelor of Interior Design program can be completed only as a full-time student. Interior Design courses in the fall semester act as prerequisites for the courses in the winter semester.

Degree overview

29 courses
Each baccalaureate degree has a major (core program requirements). The number of courses required for each major varies.
General Education
10 courses
You choose your Gen Ed courses from each of the four clusters:
  • numeracy and scientific literacy,
  • values, beliefs and identity,
  • community and society, and
  • communication.
One course
An elective is any course that does not fulfill a requirement for either your Major or General Education. There are hundreds of courses to choose from depending on your program.

First-year courses

All Interior Design (INDS) and Design Studies (DEST) courses must be taken in the sequence shown. You are advised to complete the GNED courses as outlined below; however, there is flexibility as to when and what clusters you choose to complete.

Year One, Semester 1 [Fall], Sept. - Dec.

Year One, Semester 2 [Winter], Jan. - Apr.

Year One, Semester 3 [Spring], May - June
Not required to take courses. To ease fall and winter workload, Interior Design students could complete General Education and/or the elective requirement in this term subject to course availability.

NOTE: For a detailed four-year pattern for degree planning, please see the Academic Calendar for Bachelor of Interior Design  

General Education courses

A great education doesn’t just make you an expert in one area - it gives you a well-rounded knowledge base in a variety of areas. That is why all of Mount Royal’s baccalaureate degree and diploma programs will include General Education , a collection of courses in a range of subjects that will complement studies in your chosen field.


As you start your studies, you take a total of four GNED foundation courses. Choose one from each cluster.

Cluster 1: Numeracy and Scientific Literacy

Cluster 2: Values, Beliefs and Identity

Cluster 3: Community and Society

Cluster 4: Communication

Tier 2

As you progress through your degree you will choose from a wider variety of courses. In Tier 2 you will take a total of three courses:

You will take:

  • one Tier 2 Art History course from Cluster 2 and
  • two Tier 2 courses from Cluster 1, 3 or 4 (no duplication of clusters)

Tier 3

You must take three Tier 3 courses. These three courses must be from at least two different clusters.

You will take:

  • one Tier 3 Art History course from Cluster 2 and
  • two Tier 3 courses from Clusters 1,3 or 4 (no duplication of clusters)

Registering for courses

It is your responsibility to register in your courses and ensure that the courses you select meet the program and graduation requirements as outlined in the information above.

Use the online Academic Calendar to explore possible courses of interest and to check that you meet prerequisites. You will register for courses using the registration system found in mymru.ca, Register & Pay tab.

Visit our Tutorials page for useful videos to guide you on using mymru, our degree audit system (mruGradU8), course descriptions and how to register for your courses.

We also have an online tool to help you plan your courses for the year: My Schedule Builder. View schedule options and create a timetable that works best for you. Access My Schedule Builder through your mymru.ca account under the ‘Register&Pay’ tab, in the ‘My Schedule Builder’ section.  

Tracking your degree progress

mruGradU8 is a program audit system and advising tool designed to assist you in reviewing your academic history, identifying requirements you completed and those that are still needed for graduation. As you move through your degree, mruGradU8 will become a great planning tool for you to measure your progress.

You will log in to mruGradU8 through your mymru.ca account, under the ‘My Program’ tab. When you click on the icon or follow the link, your audit will open.

In order to ensure that your curriculum is current, please click the ‘Process New’ tab at the top of the audit every time that you login to mruGradU8.

The information in your audit is separated into three sections:

  • Core and/or Major Requirements
  • General Education (GNED) Requirements
  • Electives
  • If you declare a minor, which is optional, this will be added to the bottom of your audit.

Each semester, information about your course registration will be added to your audit so you can see which courses you register in and which ones you complete. This will be a great tool for you and your advisor to use to ensure that the courses you are taking will meet graduation requirements for your program.

Please visit this page for more information about mruGradU8, including frequently asked questions.

Your advisor

The Arts Academic Advising office is here to support you with your start in the Bachelor of Interior Design. This guide has been carefully prepared with the information you need to successfully register for your first year at MRU. Please review this guide thoroughly before contacting the office with your questions. Students with transfer credit can contact the office for assistance with course selection. You can reach the academic advisor, Rachel Doe, at 403.440.8585 or artsadvising@mtroyal.ca.

If you have completed an Interior Design diploma program from Lethbridge College, Lakeland College, or NAIT, please connect with Paula Dozois, the Interior Design Advisor, to understand the transfer credit you will receive and the specific INDS and DEST courses you will need to register in as your curriculum will be altered from what you see in this guide. You can reach Paula Dozois at 403.440.6102 or pdozois@mtroyal.ca.

For information on computer and software requirements for the program, please visit the Department of Interior Design website.

Previous post-secondary courses

As a student with transfer credit previously completed, you may have different needs when it comes to registration.

Ensuring that your previous coursework is applied to your Interior Design curriculum is in your best interest. Please be sure to review your assigned transfer equivalencies in your myMRU account, under the My Program tab in the Admission box (Check transfer equivalencies) and your new mruGradU8 program audit (refer to the ‘Tracking your degree progress’ section of this guide. More information about transfer equivalencies can be found online here.

If you notice many unspecified (1XXX, 2XXX, etc.) credit assignments in the evaluation of your transfer equivalencies, you could submit official course outlines to have more specific credit assigned, which would assist with application to the General Education requirements of the degree. Check out the necessary steps to take here. You can also consult with Arts Academic Advising about the application of your transfer credit (see contact details below).

If you have potential Interior Design (INDS) transfer equivalencies, (you have attended another interior design, environmental design, or architectural design program) you will need to submit PDF documents of detailed course outlines and examples of completed course assignments for evaluation directly to the Interior Design advisor, Paula Dozois. You can reach her at pdozois@mtroyal.ca.

Please direct any questions you have to Arts Academic Advising at artsadvising@mtroyal.ca. If you want to book an appointment, please call 403.440.8585.