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2020-2021 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University 
2020-2021 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Early Learning and Child Care, BCST

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In the Early Learning and Child Care major, students will discover that play is a powerful force in a child’s development. They will learn about the developmental needs of children from infancy to age 12, gaining the ability to design, co-construct and implement play experiences for children and to communicate effectively with parents and professionals. With emphasis on real-world learning situations along with lab simulations, role-playing and discussion groups, students will be prepared to provide care and learning for all children, including those who have special needs.

General Education Requirements

Ten courses must be completed to meet the General Education  requirements to graduate with a Bachelor of Child Studies - Early Learning and Child Care.

  1. Four courses will be taken at the foundational level: one from each of the thematic clusters.
  2. Three courses will be taken at the second tier: no more than one from each of the thematic clusters. One of these courses must be from the Numeracy and Scientific Literacy cluster.
  3. Three courses must be taken at the third tier, selected from at least two of the thematic clusters.

Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor before registering for all support courses.


Five Electives

Graduation Requirements

Eligibility to graduate from a Mount Royal program requires that a student meet all of the following conditions:

  1. has been officially admitted into the program;
  2. has completed at least 25% of the graduation requirements as a student within the program;
  3. has met the residency requirement;
  4. satisfies all program requirements specified in the curriculum at the time of admission to the program or the current program;
  5. meets the requirements for Good Standing at the time the application to graduate is evaluated.

Students should also be aware that there is a limit on the number of 1xxx level (i.e., junior) courses that can be used to satisfy program requirements. Exceptions to any of these conditions must be approved, in writing, by the Dean of the program from which the student is applying to graduate.

Due to regulatory changes in required course content, ELCC 2121 can not be used to satisfy program requirements in the Bachelor of Child Studies degree if completed prior to Fall 2012.

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