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2020-2021 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University 
2020-2021 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Management, BBA (Honours)

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The Bachelor of Business Administration - General Management (Honours) major is designed to offer students flexibility in program design and transferability. Students pursuing a General Management major may choose from a variety of business courses with the intention of obtaining a general business education. In addition to the 19 required core business courses, the student may choose any 10 courses offered by the Bissett School of Business. These may include Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, International Business, Marketing, Social Innovation, Supply Chain Management, and Aviation. Students may also choose other courses from outside the Bissett School of Business to complete this 10-course requirement. Students are strongly advised to consult an Advisor before choosing courses in the completion of a General Management major.

Students who are interested in pursuing graduate school or who wish to explore their selected field in more depth are advised to apply for admission into the Honours stream in the Bachelor of Business Administration. Core BBA program requirements are augmented with additional research methods courses and the completion of an Honours Research Project. The Honours BBA provides students with a choice of two streams. The first is a scholarly stream and intended for students interested in pursuing graduate school. The second is an applied stream and intended for students seeking to enhance career skills - with a focus on applying theory to practice.

Please contact Business Student Advisors and obtain the latest Honours BBA Handbook, which contains more detailed information.

Admission Requirements - Honours Stream

To be considered for admission into the honours program, the student must achieve a 3.5 GPA in their most recent 20 courses (60 credits) prior to June 30 of the year they apply for entrance into the honours program. Admission into the Honours stream is competitive and is not guaranteed.

Note: A student who has already graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration may not apply to enter the Honours stream.

Application for Admission into the Honours Stream

Students may apply for admission into the Honours stream in the fall of their third year, after the completion of a minimum 20 courses. Applications will be accepted each year from September 15 to November 15. The process for application to the Honours stream is included in the BBA Honours Handbook which can be found on the Bissett School of Business website. It is recommended that the student obtains, in advance, the agreement of a full-time faculty member of the Bissett School of Business to be that student’s Honours Research Project supervisor.

If a student is admitted into the program, they will take MGMT 5110  -  Research Methods for Business in the winter semester (it is anticipated this course will be offered only once per academic year). Upon successful completion of MGMT 5110, the student will then commence their MGMT 5120  -  Honours Research Project in the fall of their final year.

Continuance Requirements

Students admitted into the Honours BBA stream must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50. Students who fail to maintain a semester GPA of 3.50 will lose their place in the Honours stream. Students will normally not be permitted to re-apply to the Honours stream and may do so only with the permission of the Chair of their honours discipline. Students permitted to re-apply must follow the procedures for “application into the Honours stream,” as mentioned above. There is no guarantee that a student will be re-admitted into the Honours stream.


Bachelor of Business Administration

The foundation of the BBA in General Management (Honours) includes 19 required core business courses, a total of 10 business specific courses and/or elective courses, 10 General Education courses, and one elective course, for a total of 40 courses over four years. Students pursuing a Concentration will complete 10 specific courses to their concentration instead of the 10 business specific/elective courses.

Honours Specific Courses

BBA Honours students must take the following three courses

General Education Requirements

Ten courses must be completed to meet the General Education requirements to graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration. 

  1. Four courses will be taken at the foundational level: one from each of the thematic clusters. 
  2. Three courses will be taken at the second tier: no more than one from each of the thematic clusters. One of these courses must be from the Numeracy and Scientific Literacy cluster.
  3. Three courses must be taken at the third tier, selected from at least two of the thematic clusters.


Additional Course Requirements

Students must complete an additional 11 elective courses OR one elective course and one of the below concentrations.


Students enrolled in the General Management (Honours) major have the option to complete one of the two concentrations in Innovation and Entrepreneurship or Social Innovation.

Concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is designed to graduate curious and entrepreneurial minds who are innovative drivers of business development in dynamic, growth-oriented companies that they join or start. This experiential program will go beyond teaching mindset and business models, to executing product and business development strategies for the commercialization of innovative ideas. The Entrepreneurship concentration prepares graduates to either join an organization in a customer-facing role with unlimited potential or start their own business.

In addition to supporting students to start their own ventures following graduation, the Entrepreneurship concentration prepares graduates for careers across small and medium growth-oriented enterprises in a variety of positions including business development, sales, product development, and product management.

The BBA - General Management Major, Innovation and Entrepreneurship concentration also includes a Co-operative Education option.

Concentration in Social Innovation

The concentration in Social Innovation is designed to provide graduates with a clear practice to lead, design, and execute high impact, transformative change in our communities. Empathy, creativity, consent, and courage form the bedrock of the science of social change and can be applied whether graduates envision joining the commercial sector in a values-driven organization, plan to participate in the public or civic sector, develop a new to world social innovation or enterprise that addresses a persistent systemic problem, or engage at the forefront of reconciliation and resurgence in First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities across Canada.

The concentration in Social Innovation consists of 10 courses, eight of which are required courses and two of which is chosen from a list of options.

The BBA - General Management Major, Social Innovation concentration also includes a Co-operative Education option.

Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for graduation, students must satisfactorily complete all degree program requirements and coursework. Students must achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50 to be eligible for graduation within the honours stream. Students must follow the graduation application procedure outlined in the current Mount Royal Calendar. Applications must be submitted by the date published in the Academic Schedule.

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