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2022-2023 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University 
2022-2023 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Language Education for Academic Purposes (LEAP)

Language Education for Academic Purposes (LEAP) program offers modularized delivery of instruction focusing on specific language skills and systems of English as it is used in academic studies. Courses will be both face to face and online and taught by multiple instructors. Students will also be assigned some homework to be completed outside of class.

LEAP Courses

Language Education for Academic Purposes (LEAP) program has four levels beginning with a Low Intermediate level of language and progressing through to an Advanced level. Each level includes the following courses over a 13-week term with entry intake dates in September, January, and April.

Academic Inquiry (9 hours, lecture) 

This course focuses on reading and listening skills with an emphasis on applying strategies in academic contexts. Students will also expand their vocabulary knowledge.

  • Academic Inquiry 1
  • Academic Inquiry 2
  • Academic Inquiry 3
  • Academic Inquiry 4

Academic Expression (9 hours, lecture)

This course focuses on effective communication through written and spoken expression. The use of a range of grammatical structures and pronunciation features are supported.

  • Academic Expression 1
  • Academic Expression 2
  • Academic Expression 3
  • Academic Expression 4

Grammar Application (4.5 hours, lecture) 

This course focuses on both the accuracy and use of level-appropriate grammatical structures.

  • Grammar Application 1
  • Grammar Application 2
  • Grammar Application 3
  • Grammar Application 4

Academic Connection (2 hours, Online)

This course supports the development of students’ independent academic skills in a series of 25 online modules. This also includes a face-to-face component in LEAP 4 inviting members of the MRU community to present and prepare students for entry into credit studies.

  • Academic Connections 1
  • Academic Connections 2
  • Academic Connections 3
  • Academic Connections 4

Additional Information

For more information on the cost breakdown for each course and to view a sample schedule please visit the website.