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2018-19 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University 
2018-19 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Registration Information

General Information

Registration is the process of formally recording the enrolment of a student in a course or courses. Students eligible to register in credit courses at Mount Royal are those who have been accepted into a baccalaureate degree, diploma or certificate program as well as students accepted into Open Studies or University Entrance Option. All students have the right to adjust their registration in courses without restriction provided the transaction occurs within institutional deadlines. Students must register in all components of a course to be considered officially registered.

Registration in specific courses is subject to the availability of those courses at the time the student registers. Students are not permitted to attend any classes in which they are not registered. The Office of the Registrar may adjust or cancel any course registration(s) that are in violation of Mount Royal’s policy including but not limited to those for which the stated prerequisites are not satisfied and/or for non-payment of fees/tuition.

Student Responsibility

Students are expected to adhere to all critical dates and deadlines as outlined in the Academic Schedule. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that courses selected are appropriate and meet program/graduation requirements. Academic advisors are available to assist students in the selection of their courses.

How to Register

Students may register online by visiting MyMRU at mymru.ca. Students requiring assistance may consult the Mount Royal University website (mtroyal.ca) for detailed instructions or may contact the Registrar’s Office. Registration Help Line at 403.440.3303 or toll free at 1.877.676.0686.

New Students

New students who have accepted an offer of final or conditional admission, and who have paid the tuition deposit, may begin course registration on or after the first day of registration for new students as outlined in the Academic Schedule. Academic advisors are available and may be consulted by students when planning a program prior to registering in courses.

Students in some undergraduate programs must consult with an Academic advisor before they will be permitted to register in courses. Students who are not admitted to a defined program of study may consider Open Studies, University Entrance Option or Unclassified as alternatives.

Continuing Students

Registration access dates are available on MyMRU prior to the commencement of registration for each semester. Continuing students may register on or after their specified registration access date. Students in some undergraduate programs must consult with an academic advisor before they will be permitted to register in courses.

Interruption of Study

Students are permitted to interrupt their studies for a maximum of six consecutive semesters (including the Spring and Summer semester) and return to the same program of study. Students can return to the same program by contacting the Registrar’s Office. Visit mtroyal.ca/AcademicSupport/StudentRegistrationRecords/CreditRegistration/ready.htm to see if you are eligible to return. Students who have interrupted their studies for longer periods, or are changing programs, are required to re-apply for admission.

Course Prerequisite Requirements

Prerequisites for each course can be found on the University’s website (mtroyal.ca). Students are required to meet pre- and co-requisite requirements as stated in the Academic Calendar at the time of registration and for the semester the course is offered. It is the responsibility of the student to de-register themselves from any course(s) for which they do not satisfy the prerequisite. Students who do not meet these requirements within the administrative timelines set by the Office of the Registrar will be de-registered from the course.

If a prerequisite has been completed in high school and/or at a previous post-secondary institution(s), it is the student’s responsibility to submit an official transcript(s) which must be received in accordance with the deadlines outlined in the Academic Schedule. A student who presents a Letter of Permission from another institution is deemed to have satisfied all prerequisite requirements.

Course Waitlists

If a classes is full and there are no alternative sections available, students can place themselves on a waitlist for a class. Students will be registered in courses in the order in which they waitlisted if space becomes available. There is no guarantee that a student will receive a seat in the desired course regardless of their position on the waitlist. Students may only waitlist for one section per course. It is the responsibility of each student to check MyMRU to confirm whether he or she has been registered in a class for which he or she was initially waitlisted. Three weeks prior to the start of each semester the option to waitlist will no longer be available and all pre-established waitlists will be terminated. After waitlists are terminated, and up to the end of the registration adjustment (Add/Drop) period, students can only register in courses with available seats. It is the responsibility of each student to begin attending those classes for which he or she is shown as registered.

Students who are added to a class from a waitlist, but who subsequently decide that they do not wish to attend that particular course must drop it from their timetable by making a registration adjustment within the deadline dates specified in the Academic Schedule. Students who do not officially cancel or drop a course to which they have been added from a waitlist will be considered as registered in that course and will be charged full fees for that course whether they subsequently attend classes or not.

Confirmation of Registration

During and after each registration session, students may confirm their course registration status by visiting MyMRU. It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Office of the Registrar of any discrepancy in their course registration status and to arrange for correction where appropriate. If a student stops attending a course for which he or she is officially registered and does not take proper cancellation or withdrawal action, she or he will be awarded a grade appropriate to their performance in the course. The University does not automatically cancel or withdraw those students who cease to attend classes and fail to follow appropriate cancellation or withdrawal procedures.

Audit Students

Auditors are students who have been granted permission in writing by a professor to attend lectures in a course on the understanding that they may not participate in assignments or examinations. Such permission will be contingent upon seats in the course being available. Auditors must present a signed registration form to the Office of the Registrar. Final permission to audit a course cannot be given until the day after the registration adjustment (Add/Drop) period, when the space available in a course is known. Requests for permission to audit must be received by the end of the fourth week of classes in any semester. See the Fees and Deposits section for auditing fees.

A student is not permitted to change the status of a course after the Drop/Add deadline. That is, it is not permitted to change an audited course to a course taken for credit or vice versa. Audit courses will be reflected on the student’s permanent record with the symbol “AU”. The student may, in succeeding semesters, take any course for credit, which has previously been audited.

Unclassified Students

An unclassified student is one who elects to take a single course and has not been admitted to a degree, diploma, or certificate program; Open Studies; or University Entrance Option. A student who has accepted an offer to or is a current/continuing student in a degree, diploma or certificate program, Open Studies or University Entrance Option is not eligible to register as an unclassified student.

An unclassified student will be able to register in a class that has an available seat and does not have a registration restriction. Unclassified students do not pay an application fee. Unclassified ‘status’ is only valid for one term. Unclassified students are not eligible for scholarships, bursaries, or awards through MRU or any part-time government funding. Unclassified students do not have access to MRU advising services.

Students wishing to register for a course as an unclassified student should fill out an application form and present it, in person, at the Office of the Registrar between the first day of the month that classes begin in a given semester and the last day of the Add/Drop period.

Maximum Student Course Load

Students may carry up to five courses (normally between 14- and 19-credits) per semester depending on the program of study. Students who seek permission for course overload should review their academic record with their program chair or academic advisor prior to registration.

Change of Registration

Course Cancellation by the University

The appearance of a course in the schedule of classes does not guarantee that it will be offered. If Mount Royal cancels a course, all students in that course will be de-registered and appropriate refunds applied.

Adding/Dropping a Course

The courses for which a student is registered after the Add/Drop deadline constitute that student’s official registration and semester load. Students can add or drop courses up until midnight on the day of the Add/Drop deadline specified in the Academic Schedule. Students who drop a course will receive a tuition refund minus applicable fees. There is no notation on the transcript for a dropped course.

Note: Students who add a course up to midnight on the day of the Add/Drop deadline are responsible for ensuring the difference in fees has been paid before the fee payment deadline.

Course Withdrawals

After the Add/Drop deadline and up until the Withdrawal deadline, a student can withdraw from any course online by visiting MyMRU or by submitting a Withdrawal form to the Office of the Registrar. Any consideration for withdrawals after the withdrawal deadline must be supported by documentation from a physician or certified mental health professional. No tuition refunds will be granted for withdrawals. Students are advised that if withdrawal results in a semester course load of less than nine credits, they make themselves ineligible for financial assistance.

Unless students officially withdraw, they remain registered in all courses and, at the end of the semester, are assigned the grades they have earned in each course. Students experiencing emotional distress are encouraged to contact Student Counselling before withdrawing from courses.

Withdrawal With Cause

Students who wish to withdraw from courses for medical reasons may apply to do so at any point during the semester up to the last day of classes. Supporting documentation from a physician or certified mental health professional must accompany the Withdrawal form in order for the request to be reviewed. Students will be informed of the outcome of the review by email, and those who are granted a Withdrawal with Cause will see a “WC” symbol on their transcript. Students are not eligible for a Withdrawal With Cause if:

  • The student has entered into an “I” (Incomplete) contract; or
  • Scheduled classes for the semester have ended.