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2018-19 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University 
2018-19 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education

General Education

General Education at Mount Royal is a consciously structured pursuit of the aims of what has traditionally been known as ‘liberal education’. It ensures students achieve both breadth and depth in the skills and knowledge that are relevant to the world in which they will live. Thus, General Education provides students with the opportunity to build their ability to think critically, develop their communication and mathematical skills, stimulate their capacities for creative, innovative thinking, and enrich their knowledge of the wider social, cultural, and natural worlds in which they will live and work.

General Education at Mount Royal recognizes that undergraduate education should also strive to enrich the individual’s life and benefit society apart from the requirements of employment. It should, in particular, foster knowledge and a strong reflective capacity with respect to the social, cultural, and scientific matters of importance to both the individual and the communities in which they live.

General Education courses are organized into four thematic clusters:

Each thematic cluster has three different tiers: foundation tier, tier two, and tier three. General Education requirements are mandatory for all students pursuing a baccalaureate degree or diploma program and will vary depending on the program. Students should review mruGradU8 or speak with their advisor to ensure that they are meeting program requirements.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit is available for students with prior university-transferable post-secondary coursework.

General Education Courses

There is a wide variety of courses that will satisfy the requirements for General Education. Full descriptions of these courses are listed in the course description section of the calendar or online at mtroyal.ca/gened/courses