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2018-19 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University 
2018-19 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ENVS 3303 - Life-Cycle Assessment

Credit(s): 3
Lecture Hour(s): 3
Lecture Hours Schedule Type: Lecture
Lab Hour(s): 3

Life-cycle assessment (LCA) compiles and analyzes comprehensive information on the overall consumption of resources and the production of wastes during the whole life-cycle of a product or service. For example, in the case of a product, this includes the extraction of the raw materials, the energy used during manufacture and the wastes produced, the energy used to transport the finished product to market, and the ultimate fate of the discarded product. The analysis indicates the potential environmental impact of the product or service, and allows comparisons to be made of alternate products or services. Case studies of a wide variety of industries and industrial processes will be discussed. Laboratories will consist of field studies and simulations using a number of different software packages and databases that are available.

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