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2018-19 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University 
2018-19 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HLTH 3415 - Professional Clinical Practice

Credit(s): 3
Other Hour(s): 32
Other Hours Schedule Type Clinical

This is a clinical practicum that provides Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) with nursing practice experience in caring for adult clients who are experiencing increasingly complex health/illness situations. This course occurs over half of a semester and is a continuation of HLTH 3313 - Professional Nursing Skills . This course occurs at the end of the BCN Program. No other courses may be taken at the same time as this course. A CARNA issued limited temporary practice permit is required for this course. This course is designed to provide integration of professional knowledge, clinical reasoning, reasoning skills, communication skills and values within the context of the Canadian health care system. Emphasis is on furthering understanding of professional nursing practice and registered nursing scope of practice in order for IENs to make a successful transition to professional nursing in Canada.

Prerequisite(s): HLTH 3313 .
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