May 10, 2021  
2017-18 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University 
2017-18 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Faculty of Science and Technology

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Faculty Information

Department: 403.440.6166/403.440.8771

Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology
J. Withey: 403.440.6966

Associate Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology
M.Q. Syed: 403.440.6071

Advisor, Bachelor of Science
C. Schafer: 403.440.6173

Advisor, Bachelor of Science
C. Melatdoost: 403.440.6798

General Information

Mount Royal has a long and successful history of providing relevant and practical education to students in an environment that favours learning. Small class sizes, instructors who are learner centred, and facilities and services that support the University’s ideals of student success and satisfaction all come together in our Bachelor of Science programming.

The Bachelor of Science is a 120 credit degree program that may be completed in four years. You may chose to explore your interests in a wide variety of science disciplines by electing the General Science major or focus your specific interests in a major in Cellular and Molecular Biology; Environmental Science; Geology; or Health Science. All majors will allow you to pursue interesting and exciting careers in the sciences and beyond. With the exception of the Environmental Science major the program is offered over eight (8) fall and winter academic semesters. Students completing all degree requirements will be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree from Mount Royal.

Continuance in the Program

Students accepted into the Bachelor of Science program must comply with all Mount Royal policies and regulations relating to baccalaureate degrees and continuance.

Academic Performance Requirements

Many courses in the Bachelor of Science require minimum prerequisite grades of “C-” or better.

For the purpose of progression and graduation all degree candidates must complete all courses in the program, General Education requirements and electives included, with a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or greater and with final grades of “C-” or better, except that a maximum of two courses in total and only one in the core, may be completed with a pass grade of less than “C-“.

Duration of Program

Program requirements for degree completion can be completed in four academic years. Students have seven calendar years from the date of initial registration in the Bachelor of Science degree to complete all requirements. Students seeking an extension beyond seven years may be required to complete additional course work.

Residency Requirements

Normally, 50% of the academic work completed toward the award of a Mount Royal parchment must be completed at the University except where written approval has been given by the dean/director of the appropriate faculty/centre.

General Admission Requirements

All students must meet the general admission requirements for Mount Royal University programs, as indicated in the Admission  section of this calendar.

Additional Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the general admission requirements indicated in the Admission  section of this calendar, applicants must also satisfy the following criteria:

Academic Course Requirements

The following specific courses (or equivalencies) with the specified minimum grades are required for admission into the Bachelor of Science program:

  • English Language Arts 30-1 - 60%
  • Mathematics 30-1 - 60%
  • Chemistry 30 - 60%

Although Conditional Admission may be granted in advance of receipt of final/official transcripts, confirmation of the achievement of specified minimum grades will take place after all final/official transcripts have been received by the University. Applicants who do not meet these minimum grade requirements will be denied admission.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit towards Mount Royal science courses will be limited to courses that have been successfully completed within seven years prior to admission to this Bachelor of Science program.

Aboriginal Student Admission

Each year seven percent of the Bachelor of Science program will be reserved for Aboriginal Applicants through an Aboriginal Admissions target. To be considered for admission under the Aboriginal Admission target, the applicant must:

  1. self identify as an Aboriginal Applicant on the Application for Admission.
  2. meet the definition of an Aboriginal Applicant.
  3. meet the minimum admission requirements as indicated in the General Admission Requirements for Mount Royal University as well as any program level admission requirements.

Designated seats for this special consideration target will be filled by qualified Aboriginal Applicants on a competitive basis. Applicants are encouraged to apply during the Early Admission period. Any unfilled, designated seats will be released June 1 to students applying under the General Admission Requirements.

See General Admission requirements in the Admission  section of this Calendar for further information.

Declaration of Major

Entry to a major upon admission to the Bachelor of Science

Applicants may apply to one or two majors within the Bachelor of Science. Students who have not decided on a specialized major may wish to explore various scientific disciplines within the General Science major. Admission to any major within the BSc will be limited.

Transfer between majors in the Bachelor of Science

Continuing Bachelor of Science students who wish to transfer from one major to another complete a Major Declaration form. Forms are due at the Registrar’s Office prior to the last day of winter classes. Students will be considered for transfer into a major if they have successfully completed four courses while in the Bachelor of Science program. For all majors other than General Science, decisions will be based on a competitive Grade Point Average earned on three specific courses required for entrance: MATH 1200 , CHEM 120X, and GNED 140X. Decisions will be made and communicated to students by May 15 of the same year.

Students are strongly encouraged to seek advising from one of the Science and Technology Advisors before registering in courses for the following term.

Double Majors

Double majors must be chosen within the five majors offered as part of the Bachelor of Science. Double majors must include:

  1. Twelve General Education courses, of which four can fulfill the core requirements of the double major
  2. All core courses specified for each major

Double Major in Health Science and Cellular and Molecular Biology

  1. Twelve General Education courses, of which four can fulfill the core requirements of the double major
  2. All core courses specified for each major, with the following exceptions:
    • Either BIOL 4203  or BIOL 4208  will satisfy the seminar requirement for both majors.
    • BIOL courses used to satisfy one major that are unique to that major may be used to satisfy the approved options in the other major.

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