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2023-2024 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University 
2023-2024 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Indigenous University Bridging Program

Indigenous University Bridging Program

General Information

The Indigenous University Bridging Program at Mount Royal offers advanced upgrading for students of Indigenous ancestry who wish to pursue a university education.

The program offers three levels of study, designed to ensure each student achieves the requirements for future educational goals, focusing on English and math. The core subjects are supplemented with study skills, computer, language, and Indigenous Studies courses. The program is supported by the Iniskim Centre programs including Indigenous Housing Program, Elders/Medicine Trail (Naato’ohsokoy) Program and academic advising.

The inclusion of Indigenous cultural content and support services is an integral part of the Indigenous University Bridging Program.

Program Continuance

For program completion, students must satisfactorily complete all program requirements and coursework. Students must achieve a minimum overall GPA of 2.00 to be eligible for completion. If you are a continuing student you must meet complete a performance review once an academic year.

Financial Assistance

You are responsible for seeking out and maintaining funding. However, after your funding is secured the Indigenous University Bridging Program works closely with your funding agent. Other resource information regarding funding and scholarships is also available from Student Awards on campus. The following is a list of possible funding sources for students:

  • Individual First Nations communities
  • Government agencies
  • Various urban agencies

General Admission Requirements

Admission into the program is based on attendance at an information session, the completion of the IUBP application and on the number of seats available for new students. All students must:

  • Be of Indigenous ancestry
  • Be a minimum age of twenty or possess the equivalent of an Alberta High School Diploma
  • Have successfully completed grade 10 or better
  • Submit an MRU application form indicating the Indigenous University Bridging Program with a letter of intent (an interview may also be required)
  • Successfully complete a placement test
  • Submit all transcripts from upgrading and/or secondary institutions

All criteria must be met for an application to be considered. Please note that enrolment in this program is limited and final admission is based on the criteria as well as available seats.

Academic Course Requirements

  • Complete one semester of placement levelled English and math.
  • Students must have met academic requirements to continue on in their program of choice.
  • Students who are admitted into the Indigenous University Bridging Program are placed in one of the three levels according to the performance on the placement test, as well as the information contained on their transcripts. Specific attention will be placed on the subject areas related to English and math. Once a student has been placed into one of the three levels, the student will be registered in the courses specified by the program curriculum.