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2023-2024 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University 
2023-2024 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BIOL 3105 - Microbiology II

(formerly MIBI 3105)
Credit(s): 3
Lecture Hour(s): 3
Lecture Hours Schedule Type: Blended, Lecture, Online
Building on concepts introduced in Microbiology I, this course explores how microbes impact our health and our environment, and how medical and industrial applications of microbiology improve our lives. Class discussions and assignments address topics such as innate and acquired immunity, normal microbiota, infection and pathogenicity, prevention and treatment of infectious disease, epidemiology, biogeochemical cycles, biodegradation and bioremediation.

Prerequisite(s): A minimum grade of C- in all of BIOL 2105 , BCEM 2201,  BIOL 2202  and a minimum grade of C- in one of MATH 2233  or MATH 2234 
General Science Option