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2023-2024 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University 
2023-2024 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PSYC 3380 - Indigenous Psychology

Credit(s): 3
Lecture Hour(s): 3
Lecture Hours Schedule Type: Blended, Lecture, Online
This course explores the psychological outcomes of the colonization experiences of Indigenous peoples including residential schools, systemic and societal discrimination. It is an introduction to Indigenous healing practices and non-traditional psychological therapeutic practices that are utilized to support the wellbeing of Indigenous peoples in Canada. The course also investigates the integration of these traditional healing practices with mainstream psychotherapeutic methods to respond to the diversity within and between Indigenous communities.


Prerequisite(s): One of PSYC 2235 PSYC 2245 PSYC 2265 PSYC 2275 PSYC 2283 , or PSYC 2285  with a minimum grade of C; or consent of the department.