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2023-2024 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University 
2023-2024 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PSYC 3400 - The Psychology of People in the Workplace

Credit(s): 3
Lecture Hour(s): 3
Lecture Hours Schedule Type: Lecture, Blended, Online
This course provides an introduction to the science and practice of industrial/organizational psychology with an emphasis on the application of psychological theories to workplace issues. Topics include recruitment, selection, performance management, work-related attitudes, motivation, team processes, creating inclusive workplaces, and emerging issues in industrial/organizational psychology.

Prerequisite(s): A minimum grade of C in one of PSYC 2235  PSYC 2245  PSYC 2265  PSYC 2275  PSYC 2283  or PSYC 2285