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2023-2024 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University 
2023-2024 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Health and Physical Education

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General Information

The Bachelor of Health and Physical Education (BHPE) is a four year degree program that will prepare graduates for employment within the health, fitness, sport and recreation sectors, ecotourism and outdoor leadership, or for further education in graduate or professional programs. The four majors offered within the BHPE are: Athletic Therapy (AT), Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership (EL), Physical Literacy (PL), and Sport and Recreation Management (SR). The degree includes a General Education component to ensure a well-rounded liberal arts education.

One of the goals of this degree is to increase the number of trained and educated health and physical education specialists to proactively contribute to the promotion of good health and wellness of Canadians. With an emphasis on health throughout all four majors, the BHPE will provide students with both breadth and depth in the health and physical education field. The foundations of health and physical activity within the degree guide the course content and delivery for a focus on creating healthier individuals through participation in physical activity. This includes gaining a better understanding of healthier lifestyle choices and providing more opportunities to live healthier lives. Our graduates will go on to facilitate healthy lifestyle choices for innumerable Albertans. Graduates will be well-prepared for the workforce through the program’s coursework and community-based practicum experiences.

The BHPE, with an emphasis on experiential pedagogy and a rigorous outcomes-based program, is attractive to students who want to pursue a career as athletic therapists, tourism and recreation leaders, activity specialists, recreation facility managers, community development facilitators, coaches, sport consultants, adventure therapists, fitness trainers, fitness directors, wellness coordinators, wilderness guides, health educators, health care professionals and physical education teachers among others.

Residency Requirement

Normally, 50% of the academic work completed toward the award of a Mount Royal parchment must be completed at the University, except where written approval has been given by the Dean of the appropriate Faculty. In addition, the practicum component of the BHPE must normally be completed as a student of Mount Royal.

Duration of the Program

Program requirements for degree completion can be completed in four academic years. Students have eight calendar years from the date of initial registration in the BHPE Degree to complete all requirements. Students seeking an extension beyond eight years may be required to complete additional course work.

Police Information Check

Students preparing for practicum may be required to provide a current Police Information Check and Vulnerable Sector Check, at their own expense. It is each practicum agency’s decision to accept or reject a student for placement based upon the results of a police information and/or vulnerable sector check. Since completion of course requirements and eventual employment in a field of study may be dependent upon the results of such checks, students who have concerns should discuss the matter with the department chair. Please refer to the statement regarding police information and other background checks in this calendar.

General Admission Requirements

All students must meet the general admission requirements for Mount Royal University programs, as indicated in the Admission section of this calendar.

Additional Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the general admission requirements, indicated in the Admission section of this calendar, applicants must also satisfy the following criteria:

Academic Course Requirements

The following specific courses (or their equivalencies) with the specified minimum grades are required for admission into the BHPE program:

Athletic Therapy, Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership, and Physical Literacy: 

  • English Language Arts 30-1 - 60%
  • Mathematics 30-1 or 30-2
  • Biology 30

Sport and Recreation Management: 

  • English Language Arts 30-1 - 60%
  • Mathematics 30-1 or 30-2

Although conditional admission may be granted in advance of receipt of final/official transcripts, confirmation of the achievement of specified minimum grades will take place after all final/official transcripts have been received by the University. Applicants who do not meet these minimum grade requirements will be denied admission into the program.

See general admission requirements in the Admissions section of this calendar for further information.

Indigenous Student Admission

Each year 7% of the seats in the Bachelor of Health and Physical Education program will be reserved for Indigenous applicants through an Indigenous admission target. To be considered for admission under the Indigenous admission target, the applicant must:

  1. self-identify as an Indigenous applicant on the Application for Admission
  2. meet the definition of an Indigenous Applicant
  3. meet the minimum admission requirements as indicated in the general admission requirements for Mount Royal University as well as any program level admission requirements

Designated seats for this special consideration target will be filled by Indigenous applicants on a competitive basis. Applicants are encouraged to apply during Early Admission. Any unfilled designated seats will be released on June 15 to students applying under the general admission requirements.

Declaration of Major

As part of the admission process, students may select one of four majors. Once in progress, students may change their major. Students who choose to change their major to Sport and Recreation Management must do so by completing a Declaration of Major form. This form will be available online and through the Academic Advisors in the Department of Health and Physical Education.

Note: The majors in Athletic Therapy, Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership and Physical Literacy have an enrolment cap therefore students who are interested in pursuing a major in either must formally apply for admission to the BHPE - Athletic Therapy, BHPE - Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership or BHPE - Physical Literacy using the Application for Admission (via MyMRU). Please see the Admission section of the calendar for more detail.

Declaration of Minor

Students enrolled in the BHPE, with the majors of: Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership, Physical Literacy, and Sport and Recreation Management may pursue a minor offered by any Faculty at Mount Royal University. To receive a minor, a student must meet the specific minor requirements of that Faculty. Refer to the Minors section of this Calendar.

Students who have decided on their minor are advised to declare their minor as soon as possible to facilitate proper course selection and planning. In order to declare a minor students will be required to complete the Declaration of Minor form which is available online and through the Academic Advisors in the Department of Health and Physical Education.

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