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2023-2024 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University 
2023-2024 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English, BA (Honours)

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Acceptance Criteria

Students may apply to the appropriate department for acceptance into the Honours stream upon successful completion of 20 courses in the Bachelor of Arts program. Acceptance into the Honours stream is competitive, meaning students with a higher GPA will be considered first. Students must present a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.00 in the last 10 courses completed and identify a research focus that is compatible with the available faculty for mentorship within the department.  

Before applying for Honours students must also have declared a major in the Honours discipline. Students may apply for entrance into Honours between March 1 and May 1 of the academic year in which they have successfully completed 20 courses. Departments/disciplines in which Honours streams are housed will meet to decide on who will be accepted into the Honours stream, based on the number of applications received and the qualifications of the students who have applied. A student who has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts may not apply to enter Honours in the same discipline in which they received the Bachelor of Arts degree. 

Continuance Requirements 

Students accepted into the Honours BA must maintain a term GPA of  3.00 in each semester. Subject to review by the Chair, students who fail to maintain a term GPA of  3.00, will lose their place in the Honours stream. Students will normally not be permitted to reapply for Honours, and may do so only with the permission of the Chair of their Honours discipline. Students permitted to reapply must follow the procedures for acceptance into the Honours stream, as mentioned above.

There is no guarantee that a student will be re-admitted into the Honours stream. Students completing the Honours steam who have failed to satisfy all the requirements for an Honours degree but who have satisfied all requirements for a BA major degree shall receive a BA major degree upon graduation.


Graduation Requirements - English (Honours)

All students must meet the general graduation requirements for the Bachelor of Arts (honours), in addition to the graduation requirements for the English (honours) major. Students must complete 22 core courses, 10 General Education courses, and 8 elective courses. As part of the 22 core courses, students must complete a minimum of 18 ENGL-prefixed courses.

Honours Seminar

Students must achieve a minimum grade of B in ENGL 5110 - Honours Seminar. 

Additional Options

  • One Language/Linguistic course*
  • One ENGL course at the 3000 level or higher**
  • Three ENGL courses at the 4000 level or higher
  • One additional ENGL course at any level***

General Education Requirements

Twelve courses must be completed to meet the General Education requirements to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts - English (Honours).

  1. Four courses will be taken at the foundational level: one from each of the thematic clusters. 
  2. Three courses will be taken at the second tier: no more than one from each of the thematic clusters. One of these courses must be from the Numeracy and Scientific Literacy cluster. 
  3. Three courses must be taken at the third tier, selected from at least two of the thematic clusters

Elective Requirements

8 Elective Courses


*Any Language/Linguistic course includes all courses with the prefixes CHIN, FREN, GERM, ITAL, JPNS, SPAN, LING, and ENGL 3306 , with the exception of CHIN 2217 , FREN 2250 , JPNS 2209 , SPAN 2219 , and SPAN 2220 .

**FILM 3345  can also be used to complete this requirement, as well as any course at the 3000-level or higher with the prefix CRWT and ENGL.

***FILM 2251 , ENGL 3345 , or any course with the prefix CRWT and ENGL can be used to complete this requirement, with the exception of ENGL 1101 /GNED 1401  and ENGL 0212 .

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