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2023-2024 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University 
2023-2024 Academic Calendar Mount Royal University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology, B.Sc. (Honours)

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The BSc - Biology Honours degree provides students with an intensive year-long research experience and the opportunity to complete a major research project under the guidance of a qualified biology supervisor. The program is competitive and intended to provide advanced preparation in research to students interested in pursuing graduate programs. The core requirements for the BSc in Biology are augmented through the completion of two courses, BIOL 5501  and BIOL 5502   - Honours Research I & II, taken in sequential semesters and focused on the same project. These two additional core courses replace two of the eight Biology approved options in the BSc - Biology major, leaving students with six approved options in their Biology Honours degree. If so desired, students may complete one of the Biology concentrations concurrently with the Biology Honours degree. At the end of the project, students produce a final manuscript to their advisory committee and present their results to the Biology Department. Admission into the program requires a minimum grade of B- in BIOL 3401 , a minimum GPA of 3.5 in any six 2000-, 3000-, and 4000-level BIOL-prefixed approved options or core courses and successfully securing an Honours supervisor.


Please note the following restrictions when selecting courses to satisfy the Biology Approved Options requirement:

  • Maximum of two courses at the 2000-level;
  • Maximum of two non-BIOL-prefixed courses


  • Four elective courses

General Education Requirements

Ten courses must be completed to meet the General Education requirements to graduate with a Bachelor of Science - Biology.

  1. Four courses will be taken at the foundational level: one from each of the thematic clusters.
  2. Three courses will be taken at the second tier: BSc students will make their Tier 2 selections from clusters other than Numeracy and Scientific Literacy.
  3. Three courses must be taken at the third tier, selected from at least two of the thematic clusters.

For course information visit the General Education  section of this calendar. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor before registering for a course.

Concentration in Anatomy and Physiology

A concentration in Anatomy and Physiology provides students with a solid understanding of human physiology, anatomy, and cellular processes. Students that want to complete a concentration in Anatomy and Physiology need to complete six courses from the following list.

Concentration in Cellular and Molecular Biology

The Cellular and Molecular Biology concentration provides students with knowledge and skills directly related to the study of biological systems from biomolecular, cellular, and systemic perspectives. Students will complete six required courses from the following to satisfy the requirements for this concentration.

Concentration in Ecology and Evolution

An Ecology and Evolution Concentration explores biodiversity, interactions of organisms with their environment, adaptations, and evolutionary processes. Students completing this concentration need to take six courses from the following:

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